Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I transport personal goods inside my vehicle?
– Yes, Broome Broome Express does allow up to 100kg of personal goods to be transported inside your locked and secured vehicle. Please note there needs to be sufficient room inside the vehicle to allow for it’s safe operation to aid in loading and unloading of the vehicle. Broome Broome Express is strictly not liable for loss or damage to any personal belongings during their transport.
Is my vehicle covered by insurance whilst being transported with Broome Broome Express?
– Yes, Broome Broome Express has comprehensive carriers’ insurance for vehicle carried under our care. Whilst every care is taken to transport your vehicle safely, you can rest assured that should the worst happen, Broome Broome Express has insurance to cover your vehicle.
Can I have my vehicle collected from or delivered to my private address?
– Yes, simply ask one of our helpful staff for availability and costs associated with our vehicle collection / delivery service.
Can I organize for my vehicle to be securely stored prior to or after it’s transport?
– Yes, Broome Broome Express has a secure storage yard that can be used to hold your vehicle prior to or after it’s transport. This service does attract extra fees, just ask one of our friendly staff for storage rates.
What is the maximum size limit for my vehicle?

Broome Broome Express specially designed vehicle trailers can accommodate vehicles up to 2100 mm wide. There is no limit to the length or height of your vehicle, however understand that over-size vehicles may require more than one vehicle space on the trailer and therefore attract further charges. We recommend contacting one of our staff if you have an over-size vehicle to obtain a quote.

Can I transport a boat or trailer with Broome Broome Express?

– Yes! As long as your boat or trailer is within our width limit of 2100 mm, we can facilitate its transport. Please contact one of our staff with the total dimensions (length x width x height) and we will give you a quote.

A note on trailers: Please ensure you have a tow vehicle that is able to assist in loading and off loading the trailer from the truck. If this is not available, please ensure you advise your consultant to ensure we can assist. If you are not able to tow the trailer with your vehicle, please ensure you let us know what type of tow hitch is required, so we can load it for you.

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